Travel Planning

Step by step guide – India travel planning:

  • Where will you travel? When? How long?
  • How: join a group? Backpack on your own? Travel independently with the support of a local agent?
  • Contact us! We will suggests ideas relevant to your project and budget.
  • Educate yourself about the destination: read novels and magazines, watch movies and documentaries, talk with fellow travelers…
  • Before purchasing any travel services, take out a travel insurance. A cancellation insurance will cover yourself against the risk of financial loss in case of cancellation for a personal, professional or medical reason. During the trip, medical assistance will help in case you have to be hospitalized or repatriated.
  • Book your international flight tickets. While we can help you find them online, you will probably get a better fare if you book them online.
  • Finalize your booking for local services: let’s continue preparing your trip together!
  • Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after departure with at least 3 blank pages (only 2 for e-visa). If you hold a fresh passport, you may have to show your old passport when you apply for visa.
  • Apply for an Indian visa in your country of residence or online. Ask for a 6-month multiple entry visa even if you only need a single entry visa. Except for limited cases, the visa must be obtained before departure.
  • Submit your travel documents to your travel agent as required (passport copy, insurance cover note, flight tickets, etc) as well as emergency contact details.
  • Money: notify your bank about your trip especially if you plan to use your credit card for payments and cash withdrawals.
  • Pack your luggage. We will send you practical tips.
  • Let your relatives know how to contact you during the trip.
  • Check whether your flight timings have been revised.
  • Let’s go!