French Football Legend in India

Dear Marie-Chanel,

Just to let you know, the trip is going very well, Mr and Mrs Zidane are very happy and satisfied with the service.

Many thanks for your good work.



Zidane's India Trip


In May 2016, Zinédine Zidane won the UEFA Champions League's final as the Real Madrid Coach. 


Few days later, he flew to Mumbai for a professional trip. His wife Véronique Zidane and architect Olivier Vecchierini accompanied him. 


The Bombay visit was highly publicized in local press, as word spread about Mr Zidane's India trip. Many Indian fans showed up in Mumbai.


Afterwards, Ekayana Travel diligently arranged a private tour of North India for Mr et Mrs. Zidane.



Zidane's India Trip

Véronique, Zinédine Zidane & Marie-Chanel Gillier in Delhi


Zinédine Zidane, Football Champion